‘Jim Murray’s W​h​isky Bible’ Names 291 Colorado Whiskey a Top Micro-Whisky of the Year

For the second time in three years, Colorado Springs-based Distillery 291 has earned “US Micro Whisky of the Year (Runner Up)” from “Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.” Distillery 291 was also awarded Liquid Gold status for two of its whiskeys this year, bringing its sum total of Liquid Gold awards to nine. Conceived by whiskey expert Jim Murray, the “Whisky Bible” is in its 17th year and is one of the most established and respected authorities on the category.

291 Barrel Proof Colorado Whiskey Aged 2 Years earned 96 points, with Jim Murray noting, “I found this cask specially to bring back some life into my palate – as well as a will to live – where before there had been nearly none.” This whiskey is a high proof rye made from malted rye and corn mash and finished with charred Aspen staves. 

291 Bad Guy Colorado Bourbon Whiskey Aged 291 Days earned 95 points, and Jim Murray applauded by commenting that “This distillery was always very good. Now it is hitting genius status on a regular basis.” This whiskey is a wheated four-grain bourbon made from corn, malted wheat, malted rye and beech smoked barley.

“We have always held the ‘Whisky Bible’ as a gold standard and to achieve such distinction from Jim Murray on a continuing basis is a real honor,” said Distillery 291 Founder Michael Myers. 291 Barrel Proof Colorado Whiskey is the distillery’s flagship whiskey, and has won multiple honors including ‘World’s Best Rye’ at the World Whiskies Awards.”

291 Colorado Whiskey is available for sale throughout Colorado and in select stores in California, Kentucky and Texas. Bad Guy Bourbon Whiskey is available in select liquor stores throughout Colorado.

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