Grand Opening of World’s First CBD Func-tail Lounge Ablis Experience

Jim Bendis, founder, and CEO of Ablis announced recently that Ablis Experience CBD lounge will celebrate its grand opening on Dec. 14, inside the Pine Street Marketplace in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Portland is already known as America’s trend-setting city for all things cool.  And now here comes the World’s first CBD Func-tail Lounge, Ablis Experience.  A func-tail is a drink made up of functional ingredients. Some of the House Favorites include “Heart Beet,” a blend of beet powder, hawthorn berry and Ablis Cranberry Blood Orange CBD.  

“I love having the opportunity to give diners a chance to taste the passion put into our func-tails, especially in a city that’s so health-conscious,” says Jim Bendis. He further adds by saying, “This idea of the func-tail has been a long time in the making. Our goal at Ablis Experience is to allow diners to taste the many flavors offered on our menu with ingredients that provide health benefits beyond normal nutrition.”

The team of Ablis Experience includes many talented and friendly people who take pride in serving guests which consistently includes training to maintain the level of customer experience that Bendis requires from the staff. Customer experience has been a staple in each venture Bendis has been involved with. “Words cannot convey how much of a positive impact Ablis has had at the Pine Street Market.  Their staff is proactive, friendly and very knowledgeable about their fantastic products,” according to Jason Gwazdacz, property manager for Pine Street Market.

The new Func-tail lounge will celebrate its grand opening on Dec. 14, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.  There will be free samples as well as 50% off all Ablis topicals and tinctures. For more information regarding the lounge and the launch of Ablis Experience please visit   

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