Kentucky Peerless Small Batch Bourbon Named “Best Kentucky Bourbon” at World Whiskies Awards

Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co.’s Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon was named “Best Kentucky Bourbon” at the World Whiskies Awards on February 11. Peerless Small Batch Kentucky Straight Rye also was awarded Category Gold for Rye 12 Years and Under. 

Peerless Master Distiller Caleb Kilburn was a finalist for best distiller. Finally, Peerless was among the 12 final nominees for best distillery tour, managed by Peyton Beall. Whisky Magazine, under the same publication as American Whiskey magazine, named Kentucky Peerless “Craft Producer of the Year” for the Americas and “Global Craft Producer of the Year” in 2019. 

Owner and Fourth Generation Corky Taylor responds, “We are honored to be named the 2020 Best Kentucky Bourbon by American Whiskey magazine. Considering all the great bourbons made in Kentucky, we are humbled to receive this award. This award is shared by our team and wouldn’t be possible without them.” 

Peerless Master Distiller Caleb Kilburn said, “Being recognized in front of your heroes is an unbelievably humbling experience and truly a dream come true. There are so many amazing bourbons and distilleries in Kentucky, so for us to be commended among the greats is such an honor. Our team, our families and our supporters have all worked so hard to make this possible and we are blessed to have them.” 

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