Distillery 291’s White Dog Wins at World Whiskies Awards

Distillery 291 of Colorado Springs, Colorado, won big in New York at the 2020 World Whiskies Awards for its White Dog Colorado Rye Whiskey in the “American New Make Whiskey” category. The whiskey, which is aged in an American white oak barrel for less than two weeks, beat out competition from distilleries around the country.

“To make great aged whiskey you have to make great young whiskey,” says Michael Myers, founder of Distillery 291. “What makes the New Make category so fun is that you get to enjoy the essence of the mash bill right away—you get to really appreciate the distiller’s recipe.”

The winning whiskey, which has also won numerous People’s Choice awards at Breckenridge Craft Spirits Festival, as well as previously earning a Jim Murray Liquid Gold, is available for purchase throughout Colorado and the distillery’s Tasting Room.

Distillery 291 White Dog Colorado Rye Whiskey

A small batch whiskey distilled in a copper pot still and aged in an American white oak barrel for less than two weeks.

Made from malted rye and corn mash.

50.8% Alc/Vol – 101.7 PROOF

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