Widow Jane Releases Lucky Thirteen Bourbon

Photo Credit: Michele Clark

Widow Jane Distillery announces today the release of Lucky Thirteen a collection of private barrel, high rye bourbon whiskeys.

Lucky Thirteen is aged a very unique 13 years in American oak barrels hand-picked by Widow Jane President and Head Distiller Lisa Wicker, proofed with limestone-rich water from the legendary Rosendale Mines, and bottled at multiple proofs between 91-99.

The variable ABV is primarily a function of each barrel’s position in the rick house during aging.

“Think of Lucky Thirteen like your favorite song played live,” says Wicker. “A great touring band may play the same set of songs every night, but those songs will sound a little bit different from night to night. The beauty is in the variance, and this whiskey’s no different. Each barrel of Lucky Thirteen is influenced by the greatly varying temperatures and humidity levels of their original source and their time in our rick house in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The different rick house positions combined with climate variations have led to subtle deviations in flavor and alcohol strength.”

A total of 100 barrels of Lucky Thirteen will be made available and, collectively, will yield between 15,000-20,000 individual 750 ml bottles (SRP: $89.99).

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