Cocktail Critters Donates 5,000 Masks to Support Hospitality Industry

Honolulu-based Cocktail Critters will donate 5,000 cocktail-inspired face masks to various restaurants and bars around the world as they continue the reopening process. The startup apparel brand has partnered with Healthy Hospo and Field Trip NYC and numerous food and beverage industry groups to help distribute the masks across the United States, United Kingdom and nine countries in Asia. More than 500 bars and restaurants were chosen to receive their colorful, animal and cocktail-themed masks to help businesses affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

“The resilience and support among the food and beverage industry has been astounding, and it is my goal to help any business I can to sustain that spirit through these tough times,” explained Mitchell ‘Kai’ Lum, founder of Cocktail Critters. “Throughout the pandemic, my goal is to donate a total of 10,000 masks to hospitality employees around the world. Our next donation of 1,000 masks will be distributed along the East Coast of the United States by our friends behind Mover & Shaker and we’re donating another 1,000 through Food Fest Live.” 

When Lum started donating masks back in June, he funded the project 100 percent out-of-pocket. Now, 20 percent of Cocktail Critters proceeds are used to produce and distribute masks for donation. Lum has already donated or is in the process of donating 7,000 masks total with a goal of donating 10,000 masks by the end of 2020. If you are a bar or restaurant in need of masks for your staff, please reach out to

“I saw an immediate need to help the hospitality industry during this pandemic, and jumped at the chance,” Lum said. “Our main focus is now donating high-quality, reusable masks so that bars and restaurants can continue to reopen – as safely as possible for staff and patrons – around the world. We all have to do our part.” 

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