Israel’s M&H Distillery Launches U.S. Distribution

M&H Distillery (Milk & Honey), Israel’s first whisky distillery, recently announced its U.S. launch. The launch focuses around the release of M&H Distillery’s first Classic Single Malt Whisky.

The Tel Aviv-based distillery has partnered with distributor ImpEx Beverages, to provide its collection of award-winning spirits to American consumers. The M&H Collection will introduce liquor enthusiasts to the Classic Single Malt Whisky, the Elements Sherry Whisky and the Levantine Gin and will be sold in more than 20 states coast-to-coast, including New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Illinois, California and Washington.

“ImpEx is thrilled to offer the innovative collection of spirits by M&H Distillery. We are confident that M&H Distillery’s unique style derived from the hot climate maturation, distillation techniques, and the soul put into each bottle will win the hearts of the American consumer” says Sam Filmus, president of ImpEx Beverages.

M&H Distillery’s spirits are currently available in several global markets. Consumers can purchase the collection in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Spain, Denmark and Australia. The second half of 2020 marks M&H Distillery’s debut in new territories including North America (U.S. + Canada), South Africa, and Norway.

Since its establishment in 2012, M&H Distillery has launched its operations under the auspices of late whisky legend Dr. Jim Swan, emphasizing quality and innovation with its spirit distillation and maturation. M&H Distillery’s line of popular spirits have been awarded with numerous accolades in the industry, winning a Gold Medal at the Frankfurt International Trophy 2020 and a Double Gold Medal at the 2020 “The Fifty Best” for its first Classic Single Malt Whisky. Its Levantine Gin also won a Gold Medal at the 2020 Spirits Business Awards.

In Tel Aviv’s hot and humid, Mediterranean climate, whisky matures and extracts barrel flavor faster than in traditional whisky-producing countries, giving the whisky the characteristics of a much mature whisky. M&H Distillery’s Classic Single Malt Whisky has been matured in the finest ex-bourbon and special red-wine STR casks, giving it a light and balanced character with notes of vanilla and light oak, alongside subtle notes of black pepper.

Also in M&H Distillery’s core collection is its Levantine Gin made from 100% pure malted barley, mashed in-house. All the ingredients are hand-sourced from Israel’s most beloved spice market, Levinsky Market, including juniper, origanum syriacum (Za’atar), lemon peel, orange, chamomile, cinnamon, and black pepper.

M&H Distillery is already producing its next series, the “Elements Series,” through which the distillery will present different characteristics of its single malt whisky. Each of the three M&H Distillery “Elements” bottlings will have a different cask element that enhances the whisky to a new level of flavor: sherry casks, peated casks, and ex-red wine casks from Israel’s top winery. M&H Distillery Elements Sherry will be the first ever single malt whisky that was matured in Kosher sherry casks, and is set to launch the series in the U.S. this August.

As explained by Eitan Attir, CEO of M&H Distillery: “M&H Distillery fills approximately 800 barrels a year (approximately 170,000 litres of New Make Spirit), so by 2021, the distillery will be producing over a quarter of a million bottles around the world. We work vigorously and plan years in advance to offer the world a new single malt whisky from Tel Aviv. We are honored and excited to start our US journey, and we look forward to meeting the American consumer and introducing them to our quality spirits.”

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National Retail Price for M&H’s Classic is $60

National Retail Price for M&H’s Elements Sherry is $65

National Retail Price for Levantine Gin is $40

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