Bardstown Bourbon Co. Unveils Three New Products

The Bardstown Bourbon Co. of Bardstown, Kentucky, is excited to close out 2020 by adding three new expressions to its product lineup: the second iteration of its collaboration with Calistoga-based winemaker Phifer Pavitt, and the fourth iteration of its own Fusion and Discovery Series bourbons.

The Bardstown Bourbon Co. Phifer Pavitt Reserve was one of the first releases from Bardstown Bourbon Co. in 2019, and this is the first time the modern distillery is releasing a new installment of a collaboration expression. The latest addition to Bardstown Bourbon Co.s Collaborative Series features an exceptional 10-year-old Tennessee whiskey finished for 18 months in Phifer Pavitt’s decadent cabernet sauvignon barrels.

“This collaboration is the epitome of Phifer Pavitt’s mission to swing for the fences,” said owner Suzanne Phifer Pavitt, in a press release.

The 2019 Bardstown Bourbon Company Phifer Pavitt Reserve was awarded both Double Gold and Best in Class for finished bourbons at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Along with the Phifer Pavitt release, Bardstown Bourbon Co.’s Fusion and Discovery Series will reach their fourth installments by the end of the year. Each blended bourbon in the series is created and voted on by team members from the distilling, culinary, beverage and visitors experience programs in a blind tasting tournament-style process.

The winning Fusion #4 recipe features a blend of a 13-year-old bourbon and three of Bardstown Bourbon Co.’s own three and four-year-old products, which was developed by visitors experience representative Vince Metcalfe.

“I am really honored that my blend was chosen by the panel, especially since it was my first time having been part of the process,” said Metcalfe. “Being part of the visitors experience team, I get to see people try our products for the first time every day, so I am excited for others to try this blend.”

Discovery Series #4 includes a high-rye 13-year-old bourbon alongside 15 and 10-year-old bourbons, and was created by Bardstown Bourbon Co. Kitchen & Bar executive chef James-Stuart Plush.

“I am really pleased with the final product and think that the age comes through,” said Plush. “While it is bottled at 115 proof, it is definitely something that I personally would be able to sip neat.”

All three products will begin shipping by the end of the year. Bardstown Bourbon Co.’s products are now available in Kentucky, Indiana, Texas, Ohio and Colorado through Republic National Distributing Co.; California, Nevada and Florida through Southern Glazers Wine and Spirits; Nashville and Chattanooga, Tennessee through Ajax Turner Distributing Co.; Knoxville and Memphis through Empire Distributing of Tennessee; Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Delaware through Prestige-Ledroit Distributing; and Illinois through Momentum Beverage Team. 

Bardstown Bourbon Co. Phifer Pavitt Collaborative Series (100 proof/50% ABV) $124.99/750mL

Bardstown Bourbon Co. Fusion Series 4 (94.9 proof/47.45% ABV) $59.99/750mL

Bardstown Bourbon Co. Discovery Series 4 (115 proof/57.5% ABV) $129.99/750mL

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