Shots Box Unveils Valentine’s Day ‘Dessert Box’

Shots Box, which delivers a curated array of shot-sized craft, artisanal, and small batch spirits distilled by tastemakers nationally to doorsteps across America, introduces Valentine’s Day Dessert Shots Box with 10 Valentine’s Day inspired boozy flavors from mint, to cinnamon hearts, and of course, chocolate.

Shots Box

“This Valentine’s Day will look a little different with loved ones celebrating in social distance, but it’s still a special time to commemorate bonds between relationships, significant others, or even friends,” says JC Stock, CEO and Founder of Shots Box. “We wanted to create this box as a fun way to have a date night in, a Galentine’s Happy Hour over Zoom, or even send an interesting surprise to someone from afar.”

The Valentine’s Day Dessert Shots Box promotes the celebration with a diverse selection of specialty spirits and liquors inspired by the sweet and spicy notes of the holiday to evoke, entice, and enhance the palette without having to go to a bar or fancy dinner.

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