Scott Ungermann Joins Bespoken Spirits as VP

Bespoken Spirits announced the appointment of Scott Ungermann to VP of operations where he will further Bespoken’s mission to re-imagine and replace spirits maturation with sustainable science and technology. In his role, Scott will scale Bespoken’s production as the company expands nationally and internationally.

To mature its award-winning spirits, Bepoken recently launched a new sustainable maturation process that enhances a spirit’s aroma, color and taste with precision and control. This enables almost limitless recipes within days, not years.

“Bespoken Spirits is at the intersection of key trends in spirits—innovation and the desire for newness, the need for sustainable spirits and consumer demand for variety,” said Ungermann in a press release. “They’ve used science and technology to optimize maturation. It’s all the same elements of traditional maturation, like real wood, toast and char, but the process has evolved to be more repeatable, more reliable and put a better spirit in your glass.”

Prior to joining Bespoken, Ungermann served as the brewmaster and VP of production and logistics for Anchor Brewing Co., where he oversaw all aspects of production with a focus on safety, quality and efficiency. Previously, Ungermann spent 18 years with Anheuser-Busch. He holds a Masters of Food Science from the University of California, Davis.

“Scott brings over twenty-five years of experience in the alcohol and spirits industry to Bespoken,” said Martin Janousek, co-founder of Bespoken Spirits. “His expertise will guide scaling our operations nationwide and internationally as we respond to the global demand for spirits innovation.’

In addition to announcing Ungermann’s new role, Bespoken today unveiled its 2021 Spirits Business Trend report, which details the market moving trends in the spirits industry including:

  • Quenching the modern consumer’s thirst for variety
  • Enabling next generation craft creativity
  • AI and the future of spirits innovation
  • Agile production to meet evolving trends quickly
  • Maturing the Spirits industry sustainably
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