Old Harbor Announces Distribution of New Line of Spirits

Old Harbor Distilling Co. of San Diego is pleased to announce the national distribution of its newest line of small-batch handcrafted spirits: The Adventure Series. This collection of three 80-proof liquors: Gin, Rum and Vodka were designed to be the ideal craft choice for well placement, as well as an easy choice for any classic cocktail menu. 

In honor of high-volume bars and restaurants, The Adventure Series was made to be the workhorse behind the bar. From the bottle to the solid and reliable flavor profiles, this spirit line was designed with the bartender in mind.

Old Harbor’s Adventure Gin is akin to a classic London Dry, made with 100% juniper. Bursting with notes of dark berries and pine, this spirit is exactly what every bartender wants from their gin to build a classic menu.

Adventure Rum, made with 100% sugar cane which shines through on the nose of the spirit with a sweet, grassy note. On the palate this white rum has a nice, light body with a sweetness that sticks making it the perfect base for any daiquiri, pina colada or tiki drink.

Adventure Vodka is as clean a spirit as you can distill. It is distilled seven times until it reaches 194 proof. With a corn-based fermentation, this vodka is naturally gluten free, with absolutely no additives other than refreshing, crisp reverse osmosis water used to gently proof it down to an easy drinking 40% ABV.

“I really couldn’t be more excited to bring Old Harbor to the east coast,” says Old Harbor founder and owner, Michael Skubic, in a press release. “It’s a great opportunity to share San Diego flavors with the rest of the country.”

All of Old Harbor’s spirits are distilled in small batches at its 7,500-square-foot distillery through a 1,000-liter copper pot still christened ‘The Belafonte’ -a reference to the research vessel in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou – in the city’s burgeoning East Village neighborhood.

To make this national reach possible, Old Harbor Distilling has partnered with Mark Lester & Terri White of BIBO Beverage Group to bring their entire line to the rest of the nation and abroad. Their award-winning core line includes: San Miguel Southwestern Gin, Barrelflag Navy Strength Rum, Ampersand Cold Pressed Coffee Liqueur & 1542 California Native Botanical Gin. 

BIBO Beverage Group has worked diligently to land Old Harbor Distilling in several new markets, along with National Chain Retail stores. You can expect to see Old Harbor dropping anchor in Florida, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Maine, Georgia, Michigan, Kansas with many more states on the horizon.

With a sales team in key markets, BIBO gives its small- to mid-size producer clients the ability to operate with more muscle in a vast and complicated industry. “We believe there’s strength in numbers,” White points out. “Smaller family brands have a hard time competing with larger companies with the budget to invest in extensive sales and marketing programs. Our model is simple: With our collective of specialists, we can open up new doors of distribution to everyone in our tight-knit group of brands.” 

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