Irvine’s Spirits Announces Launch of Vodka, Gin

Irvine’s Spirits announces the launch of its vodka and gin in select markets nationwide. This debut brand is the namesake of chef and TV host Robert Irvine and is produced in partnership with Boardroom Spirits of Lansdale, Pennsylvania. Irvine has been a co-owner in the distillery since 2017. 

Irvine has brought his vast culinary experience to bear on product development and market research, honing and refining the approach until ultimately creating a gin and vodka that embodies his attitude and personality. Each precision distilled bottle of Irvine’s Spirits adheres to the most stringent standards of a chef wholly obsessed with quality—with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Robert Irvine Foundation. 

As a restaurant owner himself, Irvine believes everyone deserves a taste of the best that life has to offer. Irvine’s Spirits is the culmination of that dream. “You shouldn’t have to be rich to enjoy a little luxury. Every morning, you get up and give it your best,” said Irvine in a press release. “At the end of the day, you deserve the best in your glass.” 

Irvine’s Spirits is currently available in New Hampshire, Maine, Oregon, California and Pennsylvania. 

Both Irvine’s Precision Distilled Vodka and Irvine’s American Dry Gin are crafted from a selection of non-GMO corn, naturally gluten-free and are precision distilled to remove impurities for a clean sipping, 80-proof spirit. Irvine’s vodka is filtered through active carbon for a clean, neutral aroma and smooth, mildly sweet finish. Irvine loves his in a stirred martini with a lemon twist. 

Irvine’s gin uses a hybrid distilling method that combines pot and column distillation to extract bold, yet delicate aromas and flavors for the smoothest drinking experience possible. Inspired by his own pantry, Irvine selected 13 botanicals, which include black currant, Ceylon cinnamon, elderberry, jasmine flower and tea. The end result is a complex, approachable, and clean 90-proof, year-round gin that can be enjoyed in any classic gin cocktail. 

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