Big Thirst Announces Launch of E-Commerce Platform

Big Thirst co-founders Wylie Donoho and Matt McGinnis

Big Thirst, a complete e-commerce platform that accelerates sales of alcohol for spirits brands and distilleries, today announces its launch. Big Thirst gives spirits brands access to new markets with an online shopping solution, marketing tools, distribution management, and analytics to effectively sell products online to consumers. It is a one stop shop to pave the way to profitable growth for spirits brands. Big Thirst is founded by passionate beverage industry veterans and is powered by a distribution and sales consultancy, Big Thirst Consulting, and a full-service marketing agency, Big Thirst Marketing.

Big Thirst will address an expanding need in a fast-growing segment of the market for consumers and spirits brands. Alcoholic beverage analyst firm, IWSR, forecasts that e-commerce sales of alcohol will grow from $5.6B in 2020 to $19B in the U.S. by 2024. In 2020, there was an enormous increase in awareness of alcohol e-commerce among consumers, while some states have relaxed legislation to facilitate online sales. The time is right for a new e-commerce company to make online sales more effective for spirits brands.

“We are excited to help distilleries and spirits brands expand their market reach faster and easier with online sales,” said Matt McGinnis, CEO of Big Thirst, in a press release. “People are very comfortable buying almost anything online. With Big Thirst spirits brands have greater access to sell to consumers nationwide through a convenient, three-tier compliant, online ordering that facilitates shipping spirits directly to their customers’ doors within days.”

Big Thirst turns websites into an e-commerce engine with the Big Cart shopping cart built in, maintaining the brand’s look throughout a seamless purchase experience. With the shopping cart integrated into a spirits brand’s website, it provides a streamline process which maintains consumer confidence, reduces cart abandonment, and increases sales. All transactions made through Big Cart are processed through the three-tier system with orders fulfilled by a network of retail partners. Purchases are supported by the Big Success customer support team.

“We chose Big Thirst as our e-commerce platform because they were able to quickly get us up and running to sell our Norden Aquavit Limited Snaps Edition Strawberry/Rhubarb ‘Pink Aquavit’ online in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” said Robyn Cleveland, president and distiller, Norden Spirits. “We’re excited to be able to ship this limited-edition Aquavit in customized packages to people in 41 states when it is normally only available in select markets. I’m impressed with the responsiveness and support from Big Thirst, and I’m looking forward to having better access to consumer information from their dashboard.”  

While Big Thirst is an e-commerce start up, it is founded by passionate beverage industry veterans and is powered by a distribution and sales consultancy, . The combined complementary resources with Big Thirst Consulting and Big Thirst Marketing make Big Thirst the only company in the spirits industry to provide an end-to-end consulting, online sales, and marketing solution to help spirits brands to succeed — from recipe development to final sale. The Big Thirst team is intimately involved with the spirits industry, and keenly focused on providing the right solutions for emerging craft spirits brands to find a new route to market. The company draws on years of distilling industry experience from board members Mark Shilling, Joseph Castillo, and Suzanne McGinnis. Its cost-effective, nimble approach will expand spirits brands’ ability to get bottles moving.

“Big Thirst Marketing has been instrumental in helping Milam & Greene become one of the most buzzed-about brands in the US,” said Heather Greene, CEO of Milam & Greene Whiskey. “I know they will bring the same skills and energy to their e-commerce platform as they do to their digital marketing efforts, which for us has driven sales and made quite a lot of noise.”

Big Thirst makes it easy for consumers to find new, rare, or exclusive spirits, easily purchases them online, and ship it directly to their home. It also propels sales with public relations, effective digital advertising and retargeting, email marketing, and automated cart abandonment emails to attract consumers and keep them coming back to buy more products. Big Thirst provides the best consumer insights with its Big Data analytics to ensure spirits brands can track ROI on their marketing spend.

“Because we have been managing digital marketing to drive online sales for distilleries, we know exactly the kind of business insights that are needed to be successful,” said Wylie Donoho, chief operating officer, Big Thirst, Inc. “We developed our Big Data business intelligence dashboard so our customers can make better informed sales and marketing decisions with the most insightful analytics on the market. We combine essential information into customizable, and digestible charts so distilleries can attract and keep customers for increased sales. There is nothing else like this on the market.”

About Big Thirst, Inc.

Big Thirst, Inc., headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a three-tier compliant integrated e-commerce platform for spirits brands to conveniently expand sales and ship products to consumers. Big Thirst is a full-service sales and marketing engine powered by a compliance, distribution and sales consultancy, Big Thirst Consulting, and a full-service marketing agency, Big Thirst Marketing.  We offer website and website store design, online shopping cart technology, distribution management, customer service, digital advertising, email marketing, marketing analytics to target online marketing for conversions, and retailer partner relations for order fulfillment. Let us get your bottles moving. Contact us at

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