Marble Distilling Co. Release Sustainability Report in Honor of Earth Day

Marble Distilling Co. of Carbondale, Colorado, is combatting climate crisis and has released its first sustainability report outlining 2021 accomplishments and 2022 goals.  The report was compiled over the course of almost a year with data from Marble’s robust controls systems and the help of a corporate sustainability MBA graduate student from Colorado College of Business, Colorado State University.

Marble Distilling’s CEO & head distiller, Connie Baker, states “We hope the information contained in this report will assist other distilleries in assessing their own sustainability initiatives.  We can all learn from each other and hope that with collaboration, the distilling industry can ‘Help to save the planet … one bottle at a time.'”

Marble Distilling Co. has a first of its kind Water & Energy Thermal System (WETS) that saves more than 4 million gallons of water annually and harvests 1.8 billion BTUs of energy off the distillation systems. 

Click here to see the report.

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