Golden Moon Distillery Achieves Kosher Certification

Golden Moon Distillery of Golden, Colorado, recently announced it has been fully certified kosher (pareve) by Earth Kosher.

Golden Moon Distillery is an award-winning distillery that produces a variety of premium products including Golden Moon Colorado Single Malt Whiskies, Golden Moon Gin and Liquors, Golden Moon Mugi-Shochu, REDUX Absinthe and Gun Fighter American Whiskies.

The inspections were completed several weeks ago and Golden Moon now holds kosher certificates for all of its products, with the exception of those containing grape (its grappa, port-finish whiskey and gin and our vermouth-finish whiskey)

The kosher (pareve) products are:
– Golden Moon Principium, A Colorado Single Malt Whiskey
– Golden Moon Triple, An Irish Style Colorado Single Malt Whiskey
– Golden Moon Gin
– Golden Moon Mugi (Barley) Shochu
– Golden Moon Colorado Apple Jack (Brandy)
– Golden Moon Creme de Violette
– Golden Moon Dry Curacao
– Golden Moon Kummel
– Golden Moon Ex Gratia (A Genepi)
– Golden Moon Amer dit Picon
– REDUX Absinthe
– Gun Fighter Double Cask Bourbon – Rum Finish
– Gun Fighter Double Cask Rye – Rum Finish
– Gun Fighter 13 Bourbon
– Gun Fighter Masters Blend Whiskey
– Olde Black Hawk Bourbon
– Olde Black Hawk Rye

Golden Moon’s bulk/contract whiskies are also now certified kosher.

Golden Moon Distillery’s products are distributed in California, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, The United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Taiwan.

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