O’Neill Vintners & Distillers Enters Vodka Market with Brand to Benefit Ukraine

Family-owned O’Neill Vintners & Distillers of Larkspur, California, announced the introduction of Saint Javelin Vodka, a new premium vodka that will go on sale in mid-August, to support Ukrainian relief efforts and help rebuild a country and people brought down by a horrific war. O’Neill will be donating all proceeds to Razom, an organization that is providing critical humanitarian war relief and recovery to the people of Ukraine. In addition, to kick start the campaign, O’Neill will donate $50,000 before the first bottle is sold.

As people across the world have stood witness to Russia’s unprecedented acts of war and aggression against the Ukrainian people, many have been left wondering how to support the victims of such atrocities. For some, it was traveling to Poland to help support Ukrainian refugees.  For others, it was purchasing and displaying Ukrainian flags. Companies across the world were even showing their support by pulling Russian products from shelves.

But Jeff O’Neill, founder and CEO of O’Neill Vintners & Distillers, believed there was a big opportunity to support the Ukrainian people through the company’s spirits division that will allow all of the company’s partners to join Saint Javelin’s mission. Wholesale and retail partners have the chance to work with O’Neill and help advance this initiative to stymie the Russian autocracy.  Every time a consumer raises a glass of luxury Saint Javelin vodka, we can toast the hopeful demise of this autocratic and sinister regime. Every glass represents the freedom we have in America and the hope of a bright future for our Ukrainian friends.

“It has been horrific to watch events unfold on the other side of the world, seeing families being torn apart and lives broken and changed forever,” said O’Neill.  “Many of us have made small contributions to Ukraine, but I was trying to find a lasting platform that could continue to promote success against a barbaric regime that our children may have had to face later.  The name Saint Javelin is no accident as it pays homage to the thousands of anti-tank missiles supplied by the United States that have become an iconic weapon of war. Lightweight but lethal, these javelins have helped the underdog Ukrainians inflict major damage on Moscow’s much-vaunted military and thwart their advance.”

The guiding principle of O’Neill’s spirits division is 100 percent transparency, 100 percent of proceeds donated, and 100 percent dedicated to doing good.  The new brand, Saint Javelin, will aim to sell 5,500 cases of vodka in its first year. We will bring weekly updates on our progress including funds contributed and where they went to support the efforts.

Said O’Neill, “People around the world have been stunned and inspired by the strength and pride of the Ukrainian people.  We are hopeful that our wholesalers, retailers, and consumers alike will join us in helping make a significant and positive change in this country.”

“We are grateful that O’Neill has entrusted Razom as the recipient of proceeds from their new Saint Javelin vodka,” said Dora Chomiak, president of Razom for Ukraine. “This money will go directly to providing life-saving vital aid to Ukrainians on the ground. We look forward to toasting Ukraine’s victory and recovery with Saint Javelin and a hearty ‘budmo!’”

Saint Javelin Vodka is made from super premium neutral grain spirit blended with a grape-based spirit that is crafted by Master Distiller, Erik Ettner.  The brand will be available in 750 ml bottles and priced at $22.99.

The brand can be pre-ordered online at www.saintjavelinvodka.com and will be available wherever fine spirits are sold beginning in mid-August or online at www.reservebar.com.   

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