Aimsir Distilling Co. Releases Vættir Aquavit

The Aimsir Distilling Co. of Portland, Oregon, announces the release of its newest spirit, Vættir Aquavit (pronounced vay-teer). Named after the spirits of Norse mythology, including elves, dwarves, gods and giants, Vættir Aquavit will be available at the Emerald Room at Aimsir Distilling starting June 24 and in Oregon liquor stores in July.

Founded in 2020 by Christine and Stephen Hopkins, Portland’s Aimsir Distilling Co. is a tribute to their family’s Irish heritage, a way to cultivate community, a chance to bring people together, and a brand new frontier for exploration. Aimsir has won many awards for its world-class spirits and packaging.

Aimsir’s newest release, Vættir Aquavit, offers a balanced expression of the bold anise and caraway flavors most commonly associated with Aquavit and balances them with citrus undertones and a lightly floral finish. The spirit is balanced and approachable; excellent on its own or in any classic cocktail. Recommended pairings include fried chicken, oysters, chocolate, prosciutto.

“When done just right, a good aquavit forces you to pause and pay attention,” says Aimsir distiller Andy Robinson. “Aquavit is unique and deserves a home in Portland’s vast and massively creative spirits and cocktail culture.”

Enjoy Vættir Aquavit neat, or in its signature serve, the White Negroni.

“The celebration of Midsummer aligns nicely with the ethos and values of Portland,” says Robinson. “Aquavit is the traditional spirit of Midsummer, the Scandinavian celebration of light, warmth, and nature, and with a locally made Vættir Aquavit, we think Portland is ready to expand its appreciation for the spirit, and join us in celebrating Midsummer.”

To celebrate the launch of Vættir Aquavit, Aimsir is hosting a Midsummer Mini Market and Party in the parking lot of the Emerald Room at Aimsir Distilling, Aimsir’s restaurant and tasting room in NE Portland. The all-ages and pup-friendly event will feature local food & beverage vendors, Nordic-inspired craft makers, a kid-friendly art station, and unique sweet and savory Aquavit pairings. June 24, 2022, 4-9 p.m. 2117 NE Oregon St Suite 202, Portland, OR 97232.

White Negroni:
1 oz Vættir Aquavit
1oz Campari
1 oz Lillet Blanc

Combine all ingredients in a rocks glass. Add a large ice cube, stir until chilled. Garnish with a citrus twist. 

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