Alcohol Yields Increase. Yeast Cells Prosper.

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Amplify Hop 30 is derived from natural organic acids found in the hop cone.
It’s used to effectively control gram-positive bacteria in fermentation. Spirits
production facilities, as well as numerous scientific studies, have proven this a
cost-effective antimicrobial to control bacteria in every type of mash substrates.

Amplify Hop 30 Benefits:• Improved, more consistent fermentations.• Increase
yeast activity and vitality.• No organoleptic effects on taste or odor.• Easy and safe to use, handle, and store.

Review this recent case study on how Amplify Hop 30 was implemented during
the fermentation process at a spirits manufacturer. During the trial, they saw
several positive impacts throughout the fermentation process including
decreased levels of LAB, increased alcohol production, faster fermentation
kinetics, reduced levels of glycerol, and improved yeast health.

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