Cooperstown Distillery Launches Saratoga Victory Vodka

Cooperstown Distillery of Cooperstown, New York, has launched a new vodka offering to coincide with the start of the 2022 Saratoga racing season. Saratoga Victory Vodka, which is made from superior quality, soft wheat and infuses spring water from Saratoga, is distilled six times and charcoal-filtered twice using Cooperstown Distillery’s custom filtration process. The end product is a uniquely American Vodka with a smooth mouth-feel and a refreshing finish.

“Saratoga Victory Vodka combines our Cooperstown distilling process with an iconic upstate New York ingredient—spring water from Saratoga—into a unique product which not only is perfectly suited for summer cocktails and year-round enjoyment, but is also offered at an extremely attractive price point” said Gene Marra, president of Cooperstown Distillery. “We know that patrons from near and far who will be at Saratoga Race Course will love to try Saratoga Victory Vodka and our other great products. We’re excited to expand our presence at Saratoga Race Course once again this summer!”

In the past year, the company’s products have won awards from the distinguished Denver International Spirits Competition, the Alberta Beverage Awards and earlier this month from the New York International Spirits Competition.

Cooperstown Distillery products and cocktails will be featured at the Saratoga Race Course including at the Cooperstown Distillery Clubhouse Bar and the Taste NY Pavilion throughout the Saratoga Meet this summer. Cooperstown Distillery also operates the Cooperstown Distillery Beverage Exchange in Saratoga (453 Broadway) where customers can pick up bottles of the company’s award-winning spirits, gift items or apparel and can also partake in a creative cocktail menu featuring Cooperstown Distillery products and other locally produced beverages.

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