Hilton Head Distillery Launches Panela and Solera Rums

Hilton Head Distillery of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of its Panela and Solera Rum products at the distillery and retail locations across the state. Limited batches of each unique copper pot-distilled rum will be released.

Hilton Head Distillery says it is the only distillery in the continental United States that produces Panela Rum. Panela Rum is made from dehydrated sugar cane grown on a third-generation family farm in Colombia. The rum is then aged in a mixture of 49+ port wine casks and bourbon barrels. Each batch is blended to perfection by its master distiller, Whitney Meriwether. The finished product is a navy-strength rum with a smooth character and full-bodied sugarcane flavor.

Hilton Head produces an array of award-winning distilled spirits and is ranked TripAdvisor’s #1 Thing to Do on the island. Founded in 2015, the distillery is inspired by American rum and whiskey heritage. The distillery offers educational tastings, tours and interactive and entertaining cocktail classes. Hilton Head is the perfect place to learn about craft spirits and taste some of the best distilled spirits in the country.

Hilton Head Distillery believes in crafting new experiences that are adventurous, indulgent and rooted in tradition. Using a combination of age-old distillation techniques and modern technology, they patiently craft their spirits the only way they know how: by hand and in small batches. They approach every batch with a sense of respect for the traditions that came before them, as well as a thirst for creation and innovation in the name of progress. 

Each of their spirits has a unique personality that brings a nostalgic feel, yet fresh perspective to the cocktail table. From their flagship rum to their small-batch bourbon and everything in between, Hilton Head Distillery is dedicated to creating world-class spirits.

For more information and to shop now, visit hiltonheaddistillery.com.

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