30A Distilling Co. Launches Bourbon Cream

30A Distilling Co. of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, is excited to announce the launch of its new product, Bourbon Cream. 30A’s Bourbon Cream is available to taste and purchase at the distillery tasting room.

Bourbon Cream, often produced by large distilleries, is celebrated in the South and U.S. states like Florida. 30A Distilling Co is thrilled to offer a craft version of this Southern favorite. 

30A Distilling Co’s Bourbon Cream is made from a Wisconsin dairy cream base, bourbon, and hand-scrapped vanilla. With an aroma of cloves and nutmeg, imbibers will notice cream, dark chocolate, oak, and vanilla on the palate. Bourbon Cream finishes with notes of toffee, condensed milk, and baking spice. 

“Our Bourbon Cream has quickly become our number one selling spirit. It goes great over ice, in coffee, or mixed 50/50 with root beer. The only problem with it is how fast the bottle becomes empty,” says owner Brian Rabon. At-home-bartenders can also drizzle Bourbon Cream over vanilla ice cream or gooey, warm brownies.

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