Tahoe Blue Vodka Expands Distribution, Unveils New Bottle Design

Tahoe Spirits Inc. of South Lake Tahoe, California, announces Tahoe Blue Vodka rapid expansion and distribution in the Western U.S. along with the introduction of a new bottle design.

The award-winning vodka is accelerating growth with expansion into Southern California.  Consumers in San Diego and Los Angeles are the first to see Tahoe Blue Vodka appear on shelves in Ralphs supermarkets and BevMo!.  The Company also has plans for further expansion into Western states.     

Tahoe Blue Vodka is the fastest growing vodka brand in Northern California (San Francisco, Sacramento) and Northern Nevada (in about 4,000 stores). 

Tahoe Blue Vodka is the world’s only vodka crafted from pure, pristine Tahoe water – the water source that makes Lake Tahoe possible.  A unique, 3-vodka blend of grapes, corn and sugarcane creates a smooth and clean finish.  The vodka is certified 100% gluten-free. 

The Company is also introducing a colorful new bottle design that stands out on shelves and reflects the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe, the Company’s commitment to preservation efforts and the equities of the lake’s outdoor lifestyle.  

“We are excited to see demand for Tahoe Blue Vodka continue to soar as we enter new markets,” said Matt Levitt, Founder and CEO, Tahoe Blue Vodka.  “We are thankful to our loyal and new fans, our retail partners, and Republic National Distributing Company.  Together, they are our winning formula to help us achieve our goal of selling 200,000-plus cases by 2025, putting the brand in an elite group with the country’s fastest growing vodka brands,” said Levitt.

The Company believes it will outpace vodka category growth by more than 40% in 2022 and they have averaged around 40% year-over-year sales growth the last few years.  Since 2019 the Company has generated 300% compound growth. 

Earlier this year, the Company partnered with Republic National Distribution Company to accelerate sales, share growth, and market expansion in the Western U.S.  The new partnership can potentially open more than 30,000 new accounts including bars, restaurants, liquor, and grocery stores.

Tahoe Blue Vodka has won more than 25 prestigious industry and consumer awards for taste and quality.  The vodka won 2022 SIP Awards with Double Gold and Consumers’ Choice Awards.  The award is the only internationally recognized consumer judging spirits competition based on public preference. 

Tahoe Blue Founder and CEO Matt Levitt has been a lifelong entrepreneur.  He grew up in Maryland but was always intrigued by the West Coast.  Armed with an undergrad business degree, a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and a thirst for adventure, he drove his blue Ford Econoline van named “Bertha” to California for a couple of weeks.

On the last scheduled day of his West Coast trip, he arrived at Lake Tahoe. Amazed by the brilliant blue color of the lake, it was love at first sight.  Levitt wanted to capture the beauty of Lake Tahoe and thought to create a Tahoe-themed vodka that is as pure, clean, and fresh as the lake itself.  Thus, Tahoe Blue Vodka was born.

Giving back is a priority for Levitt and Tahoe Blue Vodka.  The lake that makes the vodka possible is an extraordinarily beautiful, but a fragile, habitat.  Tahoe Blue Vodka (through its parent company, Tahoe Spirits, Inc.) donates a portion of proceeds from every bottle to help preserve the lake.  They were the title sponsor of “Clean Up the Lake,” an unprecedented scuba clean-up of the 72-miles around the shoreline of Lake Tahoe that resulted in nearly 25,000 pieces of litter being removed.

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