Lost Lantern Shines Light on Bourbon with Summer Releases

For its summer release, Weybridge, Vermont-based Lost Lantern, the award-winning independent bottler of American Whiskey founded by Nora Ganley-Roper and Adam Polonski, decided to shine a light on the depth and breadth of bourbon. “As an independent bottler, we routinely work with all styles of American whiskey, including bourbon. However, we have never devoted such a large release entirely to one single style of whiskey,” commented Polonski. “But as America’s iconic spirit, bourbon demands it. The bourbon world has transformed, and we want to showcase the incredible quality and ingenuity coming from all over the country.”

Lost Lantern’s Summer of Bourbon includes eight whiskies ranging across all three of its product lines: the Blend Series (blends of whiskies from multiple distilleries), the Single Distillery Series (blends of multiple casks from a single distillery that showcase a unique side of that distillery) and the Single Cask Series (whiskies from a single barrel from a single distillery).

Beginning July 26th, the full Summer of Bourbon Collection will be available for sale online at LostLanternWhiskey.com and Seelbachs.com. Select releases will be available in California, New York, Kentucky, and Alberta, Canada.


·       Lost Lantern Far-Flung Bourbon (582 Bottles | 136.8 Proof) SRP: $110


·       Lost Lantern Soaring Spice Frey Ranch Distillery Nevada Straight Bourbon Whiskey (900 Btls | 127.6 Proof) SRP: $100


·       Lost Lantern Frey Ranch Distillery Nevada Straight Bourbon Single Cask (217 Btls | 137.2 Proof) SRP: $110

·       Lost Lantern Boulder Spirits Colorado Straight Bourbon Single Cask (151 Btls | 142.6 Proof) SRP: $120

·       Lost Lantern Ironroot Republic Texas Straight Bourbon Single Cask (167 Btls | 137.3 Proof) SRP: $120

·       Lost Lantern Still Austin Texas Straight Bourbon Single Cask (167 Btls | 103.8 Proof) SRP: $80

·       Lost Lantern Tom’s Foolery Ohio Straight Bourbon Single Cask (171 Btls | 113.8 Proof) SRP: $120

·       Lost Lantern New Riff Kentucky Straight Bourbon Single Cask (214 Btls | 114.2 Proof) SRP: $90

All the Summer of Bourbon releases are non-chill-filtered, bottled at natural cask strength, and transparently labeled with the source distillery or distilleries on the label.

The Summer of Bourbon includes the first new entry in Lost Lantern’s Blend Series since 2020, when the independent bottler introduced American Vatted Malt Edition No. 1. Far-Flung Bourbon is a blend of straight bourbons from four distilleries in four states that have never been blended before: Frey Ranch in Nevada, Boulder Spirits in Colorado, Watershed Distillery in Ohio, and Still Austin Whiskey Co. in Texas. The release also includes the first bourbon in Lost Lantern’s Single Distillery SeriesSoaring Spice, from Frey Ranch Distillery in Nevada. And finally, it includes six different single casks from six distilleries in five states. Three of these distilleries are returning favorites: Frey Ranch in Nevada, Boulder Spirits in Colorado, and Ironroot Republic in Texas. Three are first-time Lost Lantern partners: Still Austin in Texas, Tom’s Foolery in Ohio, and New Riff in Kentucky.

“The Summer of Bourbon shows that great bourbon can take many different forms,” Ganley-Roper said. “It can be made in many different ways in climates and aging conditions that are utterly different from each other, having a huge impact on flavor. This incredible diversity of styles and flavors is part of what makes the bourbon world so exciting.” Each distillery in the Summer of Bourbon collection was carefully chosen to showcase this depth and breadth. Together, they paint a portrait of the true range and quality of bourbon.

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