Buzzard’s Roost Sipping Whiskeys Lands in 10 New Markets

Buzzard’s Roost Sipping Whiskeys are taking flight, with new distribution agreements in 10 markets. The new markets are: Colorado, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Missouri, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

The expanded distribution makes Buzzard’s Roost available in a total of 20 markets. Until now, Buzzard’s Roost was available in 10 markets: Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, Georgia, Louisiana and Alberta, Canada.

Buzzard’s Roost co-founder and CEO Judy Hollis Jones credits the growth to product quality, consumer pull and loyalty, retail visibility and participation in events that attract passionate whiskey lovers. Buzzard’s Roost is active in the Bourbon Classic, Bourbon Women SIPosium, Kentucky Bourbon Festival, New Orleans Bourbon Festival and many others.

“Distribution is a critical part of our brand growth,” says Hollis Jones. “And getting liquid to lips helps cultivate a built-in audience for us in new markets,” she says, “Once people taste Buzzard’s Roost whiskeys, they fall in love with it.  We’re on target for our goal of 300% growth this year.”

Most distributors choose to stock all six Buzzard’s Roost six core SKUs (three rye whiskies and three bourbons), and have access to allocations of limited releases several times a year.

In April, Buzzard’s Roost opened its Whiskey Row Experience in downtown Louisville, quickly becoming a popular Main Street destination. Buzzard’s Roost’s 75-gallon Vendome pot still – dubbed Buzz Cauldron – is operational on-site, paving the way for membership in the Kentucky Distillers Association.

“KDA membership has been a goal for us,” said Jason Brauner, Buzzard’s Roost co-founder and master blender. “It makes us an official part of the Kentucky Craft Bourbon Trail, enables us to sell on-site at events that allow it and has lots of other valuable benefits. We’re proud to belong to the KDA.”

“We’ve got great momentum and are already working on agreements with distributors in more markets,” added Hollis Jones. “Just like a buzzard, our vision is sharp and long-range!”

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