Copa Drinks, Bostocap Unveil New App

Copa Drinks and Bostocap recently announced a new app designed to provide spirit enthusiasts with an immersive experience, uncovering the stories behind their favorite spirits in one place directly on their mobile phones. 

Copa Drinks is the ultimate companion for those seeking to explore and gain knowledge. Users will be able to, (1) understand spirits composition via its tasting notes, (2) read on the product history, (3) rate the product, (4) save it as a favorite and (5) engage directly with the distillery. 

Copa Drinks operates as follows: 

1. Download the free Copa Drinks mobile application from your preferred app store.

2. Using your smartphone, capture an image of the spirit bottle you are interested in learning about. 

3. Copa Drinks utilizes image recognition (google vision OCR) and AI technology to swiftly deliver detailed information about the drink’s tasting notes and the distillery behind it. 

4. Take part in the Copa Drinks community by rating your preferred spirits and learn about the ratings of other enthusiasts. 

5. Utilize the interactive distillery map to embark on a journey of exploration, discovering new and exciting spirits. 

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