10 Barrel Releases White Out RTD

Bend, Oregon-based 10 Barrel Brewing announced the release of White Out, a canned White Russian made without dairy.

Ben Shirley, the mastermind behind the 13.9% ABV White Out set out to create something traditional White Russian drinkers would love, but with a modern twist that appeals to more people.

“After experimenting with a ton of different ingredients, including milks and milk substitutes, oat milk stood out for having a more pronounced flavor we were looking for along with right texture for this type of cocktail,” said Shirley.  

10 Barrel’s brewers tested their theory against White Russians from every bar in its hometown of Bend and hosted in-house happy hours after work, using staff as a taste panel to narrow in on the recipe of choice. In the end, they paired oat milk with a scratch-made Kahlua and a heavy dose of premium vodka to create White Out.

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