Log Still Distillery Expands Distribution To The Sunshine State

Gethsemane, Kentucky-based Log Still Distillery is entering a new market this month. In a partnership with Mexcor, Monk’s Road line of bourbon and gins and Rattle & Snap Tennessee Whiskey line will hit Florida shelves beginning mid-January in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, and Miami.

“This particular new market expansion is deeply personal for me,” said Wally Dant, president and distiller at Log Still Distillery. “Florida is where I began my first company in healthcare. I’m excited to return as a distiller and share my grandfather Wallace and great-grandfather Will’s historic distillery in crafting exceptional spirits. It feels like the right place to bridge two significant parts of my life that have been instrumental in my personal and professional growth.”

The Log Still Distillery campus is also home to The Amp, a world-class outdoor amphitheater, a special event venue, and multiple unique bed-and-breakfast lodgings. After becoming fully operational in September 2022, the Gethsemane, KY distillery produces 22,000 barrels annually. 

Product Details

  • Monk’s Road Fifth District Series II: The Fifth District line of Monk’s Road Bourbons is a limited-release series of rotating bourbons that pays tribute to the historic distilleries of the fifth tax district. Our second release in the Fifth District Series pays homage to F.M. Head Distillery, a distillery operated on our hallowed grounds and included in our DSP-KY-47 lineage, where Log Still’s DSP number emanates. This expression honors F.M. Head Distillery as an exceptional 8-year-old high rye bourbon finished with a secondary toasted barreling. With a smokiness beautifully complementing notes of cherry and spice, this pour echoes with legends of distiller pioneers and celebrates today’s quality spirit. BarleyCorn 2023 Gold Winner $99.99 SRP. 50% alc/vol – 100 PROOF  
  • Rattle & Snap 4-Year Tennessee Select Straight Whiskey: Classic sour mash aged to perfection over four years, allowing notes of vanilla, nutmeg, and spice to come to fruition for a long-lasting, sweet finish. $36.99 SRP. 47% alc/vol – 94 PROOF.
  • Rattle & Snap 8-Year Tennessee Select Straight Whiskey: Strong but well-balanced from start to finish with notes of sweet maple, banana, and a lick kick of cinnamon spice. Enjoy this one neat or on the rocks. $98.99. 47% alc/vol – 94 PROOF.
  • Monk’s Road Wheated Bourbon: This 4-year-old Wheated Bourbon is light and smooth. Using wheat as the predominant secondary grain, Monk’s Road Wheated is a sweet and smooth product that’s approachable and balanced. Notes of vanilla and cinnamon spice marry with the dried cherry to create an approachable, warm sipper. This bourbon will take you back to the comforts of your home, where you can enjoy it as the casual back porch sipper or in your favorite cocktail. $42.99 SRP. 47% alc/vol – 94 PROOF. Fred Minnick Blind Bourbon ASCOT Awards People’s Choice Winner 2023
  • Monk’s Road Dry Gin: Our essential gin is a unique offering from the rolling hills of Kentucky, with a delicate balance of complementary botanicals, creating the perfect gin for all seasons and palates. Sweet and tangy lemon peel with complex earthiness and spice. A hint of juniper brings it all around in a harmoniously bright blend. $27.99 SRP. 43% alc/vol – 86 PROOF.
  • Monk’s Road Barrel-Finished Gin: Smooth and complex with a subtle waft of smoke, Monk’s Road Barrel Finished Gin is aged in a wheated bourbon barrel and nods to the pride of place, tradition, and diligence for which the founders and cousins, Wally, Charles and Lynne Dant, are known. Rich in oaky aroma, with vanilla and warm mulling spices that leave the juniper pleasantly in the background. Overall, a satiny texture polished by distinct barrel aging. $29.99 SRP. 46.5% alc/vol – 93 PROOF. BarleyCorn 2023 Gold winner

In addition to Florida, Log Still Distillery currently distributes in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina, with new states coming soon. For more information on Log Still Distillery, visit www.logstilldistillery.com or follow on social media at @logstilldistillery.

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