Turnkey Distillery Equipment and Whiskey for Sale

A premium, turnkey grain-to-glass hybrid CARL still, equipment and whiskey stock are for sale in California’s Sonoma County in a 12-acre maker community destination with restaurants, shops and tasting rooms. The marketplace averages 1.2 million visitors annually. The company is in the process of moving its production and brand to a larger facility in the area and is no longer in need of its equipment or physical location.

Interested parties should contact closeoutsale6790@gmail.com to learn more.
Option 1 – $400,000
Full package of Premium Turnkey Grain-to-Glass Hybrid CARL distillery for Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, Brandy, Rum, and specialty spirits (list below) set up and ready to produce in current location or broken down and shipped to you*. The 8000 ft facility includes 3 x two hr fire-rated storage rooms, a boiler room, a 3000 sq ft barrel room, a Tasting Room, large offices, and a lab. You will need to renegotiate the lease. 

Option 2 – $1,155,000 
Aged Whiskey of 300 +/- full-size barrels of ultra-premium aged Bourbon, Wheat, Rye, Single Malt, and specialty whiskies from 1-9 years old. All made in-house. (list available on request)

Option 3 – 1 & 2 combined – $1.5 M
Premium Turnkey Grain to Glass Vodka, Gin, and Whiskey Distillery per above AND Aged Whiskey 300 +/- full-size barrels of ultra-premium aged Bourbon, Wheat, Rye, Single Malt, and specialty whiskies from 1-9 years old.  

*Buyer pays any shipping and tax costs.
Not breaking up the equipment into individual sales.
Please only serious inquiries.

Email: closeoutsale6790@gmail.com
800-1000 CARL Hybrid Pot still w 21-plate vodka and 5 plate columns (Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, Rum, Brandy, and specialty spirits)
Agitator motor for pot still
CARL electrical and pneumatic control panel
4000 L CARL fermenters x 2
4000 L CARL Mash Tun (+ Agitator)
Agitator motor for Mash Tun
4000 L hot liquor tank Santa Rosa Stainless
Catwalk – to fit Fermenter tanks and Mash tun 9′ x 30′ w side stairs
250 gal stainless rolling tanks x 3
250 gal stainless spirit chilling tank
350 gal stainless square tanks x3
270 gal plastic tote tanks x 4
200 gal Stainless Sloe square tank with side door
110 gal pump over cart
65 gal wine press
Boiler Smith Cast Iron High Efficiency 43 HP
Condensate return tank and pump for Boiler feed Bell & Gossett/Domestic Pump Model 61.6CM
Condensate return pumps and cast-iron tanks for Still and Mashtun Watchman® Series WC Cast Iron Receiver Single x 2
Centrifugal CIP pump KPA 
Centrifugal sparkless pump (spirits Pump) KPA
Eccentric screw pumps Netzche x 2
RAD hammer mill MX 1800 eline motor IP55 w flex flo auger
Auger motor GSI group FLX 4764
Industrial scales Mettler Toledo 2256402042-A 2,500 lbs max
Forklift and charge Nissan TX 35 
GAI bottling monobloc, conveyors, heatshrinker 550  6xbtl cs per 8hr
Anton Paar DMA 5000 TTB approved
Anton Paar Snap 41 – handheld density meter – new 2023
Labeling machine – manual
Glycol chiller Optitemp mobile 5.5 gpm
Bottle sparger water/gas 4 spargers 
Nitrogen tanks 80 CGA 580 x 4
Bottle filler (Hand- Enolmaster) 4 fillers
Air powered corker
Bottle heat shrinker
Reverse Osmosis system and tank 400 gpd
UV light filter for RO tank
Water softener for RO tank
Pneumatic sparkless  pump (for bottle line)
Plate filter 12 inch w 20-25 plates
Large rolling multi-use table w/metal top
Pallet jack (with built-in scales)
Pallet jack no scales
Heavy-duty plastic tables x 4
Barrel racks (approx 150)
Pallet Racking Various
Misc hoses – 1.5inch (new is $30/ft)
Misc hoses – 2.5inch (new is $33/ft)
Various tri-clover bits and pieces
Full lab Equipment:
Centrifuge 6-tube small
Small scales 3 lb and 12 lb max
Lab still 1 L ‘Heating Mantle’ with condenser and glass pot and receiving vessels x 2
Air still 1 gal ‘Still Spirits’ w/handmade copper vapor basket
Water bath for temp equilibration
Various hydrometers
Various thermometers
Various graduated cylinders, pipets, etc

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