Iron Fish Releases 5-year-old Mad Angler Bourbon

Thompsonville, Michigan-based Iron Fish Distillery is celebrating the release of its oldest bourbon to date: Mad Angler Bourbon Batch #4.

This 5-year-old,  92-proof bourbon is meticulously crafted from a mash bill comprising 70% organic corn, 16% wheat, 9% northern Michigan barley and 5% winter rye sourced from Iron Fish Farm. Mad Angler Bourbon is exclusively sold in Michigan. The Mad Angler name is inspired by the writings of northern Michigan poet Michael Delp.

“Our Mad Angler Bourbon Batch #4 marks the beginning of our commitment to ensuring that every product under the Mad Angler brand is aged for over 5 years,” said David Wallace, co-founder and master distiller of Iron Fish.

About the Mad Angler Bourbon Release Feb. 15: Michigan Retailers Only

Only 100 cases of Mad Angler Bourbon Batch 4 will be available, and the Feb. 15 release date marks the sole occasion that the bourbon will be released in 2024.

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