Distillery of Modern Art Releases Rye Whiskey

Distillery of Modern Art of Chamblee, Georgia, has announced its latest spirit launch, Rye Whiskey.

The distillery says that it expects the limited release Rye Whiskey to sell out before it hits shelves, with early access honoring the Georgia distillery’s loyal fanbase.  

Aged in New American Oak barrels since 2022, this launch marks the first of several Rye releases planned from Distillery of Modern Art (DoMA) this year. DoMA’s Rye pays homage to early American Rye distillers while staying uniquely Southeastern by utilizing Wren’s Abruzzi Rye, a varietal bred specifically for Southern growth, lending light floral notes, complex nutty flavors, and that signature Rye spice.  

Price: $48.99

Bottle Strength: 104.4 Proof 

Bottle Size: 700ml

Tasting Notes: Dark fruit, fresh tobacco leaf, and floral notesFinish: Oak and chocolate with lingering butterscotch

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