Ole Smoky Releases New Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Ole Smoky Distillery of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is announcing the nation-wide distribution of its Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Barrel-aged for four years and true to Tennessee tradition, this high-quality whiskey expands Ole Smoky’s premium, straight whiskey offerings.

Full-bodied and smooth for sipping, the Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey features rich, warm flavors with subtle hints of smoke, char and caramel. The new whiskey’s strong branding with direct screen print on glass, branded capsules, and a wooden cork stopper support the premium product positioning while coming armed with a more accessible consumer price point. By leveraging their long-standing relationships with distributors across the country, Ole Smoky is expanding availability to consumers across the United States.

“The American Whiskey category is continuing to grow, and as one of the fastest growing spirits companies in the country, Ole Smoky is excited to offer consumers a straight whiskey from a distillery they know and trust,” says Robert Hall, CEO of Ole Smoky Distillery. “We’re pleased to offer consumers, who may have first tasted a flavored whiskey in one of our distilleries, an accessibly priced, high-quality Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey option from Ole Smoky.”

This product release follows the launch of James Ownby Reserve, the premium whiskey brand commemorating the remarkable history and spirit of James Ownby, the fifth generation great-grandfather of Ole Smoky Distillery’s Founder, Joe Baker. The 94-proof whiskey is aged in American virgin charred oak barrels and filtered utilizing the Lincoln County Process, passing through sugar maple charcoal before aging. Enjoyed neat or on the rocks, James Ownby Reserve Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey is available in select markets and at Ole Smoky’s four distillery locations.

Ole Smoky first launched its moonshine products in 2010, shortly after Tennessee legalized the distillation of moonshine in 2009, followed by the launch of their whiskey products in 2016. Ole Smoky’s whiskey line is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and creativity, with each flavor adding a unique twist to the classic whiskey profile, making it an excellent choice for both cocktail enthusiasts and those who prefer to sip their whiskey straight. As the first legal moonshine in East Tennessee, the brand makes a wide range of moonshines and whiskeys in four distillery locations across the state and hosted more than 5 million visitors in 2023 alone. For more information on Ole Smoky and its products, visit www.olesmoky.com.

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