Prestige-Ledroit Announces Partnership with Tip Top Proper Cocktails

Prestige-Ledroit Distributing Co. is excited to announce its newest partnership with RTD cocktail company, Tip Top Proper Cocktails.

Tip Top Proper Cocktails has rapidly emerged as a pioneer in the ready-to-serve cocktails market. Their innovative blends, crafted with the help of bartender and James Beard finalist Miles Macquarrie of Kimball House, using premium ingredients, have captivated consumers seeking convenience without compromising on taste or quality. Tip Top Proper Cocktails has quickly gained a loyal following and garnered acclaim for its diverse range of offerings that can be enjoyed anytime, and just about anywhere.

Prestige-Ledroit is known for its commitment to sourcing and delivering exceptional products to consumers in D.C., Maryland, and Delaware. Prestige-Ledroit has established itself as a trusted name in the industry, known for its reliability, innovation and customer-centric approach.

The partnership between Prestige-Ledroit and Tip Top Proper Cocktails is a testament to the shared values and vision of both companies. By joining forces, they are poised to revolutionize the beverage industry, offering consumers unparalleled convenience and a superior drinking experience.

“We are thrilled to partner with Tip Top,” said John Dynan, sales and education manager of spirits. “They fill a much-needed void in our portfolio and align with our guiding principles. Through extensive category research, we found that they perform at a level with no peers, and we are eager to share these with our community.”

The synergy between Prestige-Ledroit’s extensive distribution network and Tip Top Proper Cocktails’ innovative product offerings creates a winning combination. This partnership not only expands the reach of Tip Top Proper Cocktails but also enhances Prestige-Ledroit’s portfolio, providing customers with a diverse selection of premium beverages.

“We’re excited to properly kick off our partnership with Prestige-Ledroit Distributing Company,” said Neal Cohen, chief brand officer and co-founder of Tip Top Proper Cocktails. “The sophisticated cocktail scene in D.C. [and] Maryland seems perfectly primed to embrace Tip Top and Prestige-Ledroit’s expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction make them the perfect partner
for us. Together, we look forward to making exceptional cocktail experiences accessible to even more consumers and growing our brands.”

As the partnership between Prestige-Ledroit and Tip Top unfolds, both companies are eager to explore new opportunities, innovate, and drive growth in the ever-evolving beverage market. This collaboration represents a commitment to excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction, setting a new standard for the industry. 

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