New Dawn Distilling Launches 6 Year New York Bourbon on Juneteenth

New Dawn Distilling is thrilled to announce the launch of its Six-Year New York Bourbon Whiskey on Juneteenth, 2024 to honor founder Dawn O’Neal’s family history and resilience and celebrate the growing diversity, artistry, and complexity of whiskey.

Founded by Dawn O’Neal, PhD and distilled in collaboration by historic Alton Distillery, the bourbon will be available in California, DC, and online starting Juneteenth. From recycled glass to fair wages, New Dawn Distilling exemplifies a commitment to combining craftsmanship with a strong focus on social and environmental responsibility.

This 6-Year New York Bourbon is a sipper with a distinctive nose of apricot, anise, sugar cane, and chamomile. On the palate, it’s a harmonious blend of smoothness and mellow flavors, with discernible notes of cherry, almonds, and croissants. It’s a well-balanced pour with a velvety mouthfeel and an inviting, slow-building heat that fades to a burst of juicy fruit.

New Dawn craft spirits are distinguished by yearly small-batch releases that showcase vibrant flavors, without additives or fillers, and always considers the influence of climate. From grain to glass, New Dawn emphasizes efficiency, minimizing waste, and promoting sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. New Dawn Distilling plans to release two future whiskeys: a 10-year-old NY Wheated Whiskey in the Fall of 2024 and a five-year-old CA Rye Whiskey in the Spring of 2025.

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