Saverglass Launches SO TONIC Bottle, Reinvents SOLO line

The SO TONIC bottle from Saverglass

Saverglass has announced the launch of its newest spirits product, SO TONIC along with a reinvented version of the classic OSLO bottle, SOLO. These innovations, the company says, exemplify Saverglass’ expertise in optimizing glass weight while maintaining uncompromising premium design and quality.

“Our goal was to push the boundaries with the lightweight versions of both our Oslo and Tonic bottle collections,” says Bruno de Botton, marketing director at Saverglass. “This initiative allowed Saverglass to demonstrate its ability to combine optimal lightness with superior quality, delivering an excellent visual impact without compromising consumer safety.”

The SOLO is the modern edition of the iconic OSLO that preserves the original sillhouette’s timeless elegance. It is also the lightest model of the Oslo family boasting a weight of only 450g for a 700ml bottle. The SO TONIC is the latest addition to the Tonic Family, setting a new standard for premium glass bottle design. The new SO TONIC 700ml bottle, weighing an optimized 546 grams, exemplifies Saverglass’ commitment to reducing its carbon footprint without compromising the brand’s renowned quality and aesthetics.

Standing 260.7 mm tall, SO TONIC offers a fresh twist on the iconic silhouette of its predecessor, TONIC. Its distinct features include a slight bend, shapely shoulder, short neck, punt, and a rounded carnette finish, creating a visually striking and immediately recognizable bottle. With Tonic, design is playful and imaginative, leaving the rules to the talented distillers of bourbon, whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, tequila, and other spirits. 

Distillers and spirit brands can choose innovative products like SO TONIC and SOLO, which offer 100% recyclable glass bottles. These bottles can be decorated using various techniques such as organic screen printing, coating, acid-etching, metallization, and sandblasting, all of which are available through Saverglass’ comprehensive packaging services and 100% recyclable.

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