Lonerider Spirits Founders Club Raises More Than $100K for Bourbon Whiskey Launch

Lonerider Spirits announced that with the overwhelming support of its initial supporters of The Founders Club the company will initiate distilling specifically for the Founders Club in Sep 2019 rather than the projected date of 2020. Over $100,000 was committed by founders from across the United States in just eleven days to accelerate the distillery’s timetable to distill the initial batch of bourbon.

“The Founders Club” is a program where individuals can create bourbon with Lonerider Spirits and then finish their spirit in French/Spanish Wine casks, Ex-Port casks, Ex-Sherry casks, Olorosso casks, Ex-Pedro Ximinez casks and/or Ex-Bourbon Lonerider beer casks. More details can be found here.

Due to the demand for the program Lonerider Spirits is also offering a wheated mash bourbon mash bill in addition to the high rye bourbon mash bill currently offered. “I’m a big fan of Weller bourbon and I rarely can find it in the liquor store, so I thought we should offer a mash bill that was similar as an option to our founders,” says Chris Mielke, president of Lonerider Spirits. “The wheated bourbon mash bill will be made with all North Carolina grain – corn, soft red winter wheat and barley. We’re incredibly thankful to our founders and continue to take orders to get to our initial Founders Club membership of 500 casks. Investing in bourbon that will actually pay you a return in this uncertain economic climate seems to be a motivating factor for some founders – others just want to give their family and friends a cool gift!”

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