Portland-based Straightaway Launches Bottled Paper Plane Cocktail

Last month, Portland, Oregon-based Straightaway Cocktails released Paper Plane, the newest bottled cocktail in their line-up. Originally invented by a New York City bartender in 2007, and named after the M.I.A. hit song by the same name, the drink has since earned its place as a modern classic found on bar menus across the country and beyond.

“Our version swaps out rye whiskey for bourbon to add spice,” says Straightaway co-founder Casey Richwine. “We use a blend of two amaros to provide that bite with fresh lemon juice for balance. I sometimes describe Paper Plane as a richer version of the whiskey sour. The drink is all about balancing these flavors to create something enjoyable year-round.”

Like all Straightaway cocktails, Paper Plane is made and sourced using the highest-quality ingredients possible.

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