Day of Action Planned to Urge Congressional Passage of CBMTRA Before Deadline

WASHINGTON—Leaders in the beverage alcohol sector are urging industry advocates across the nation to participate in a national Day of Action on December 5 by contacting their members of Congress to urge passage of the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act, S.362/H.R. 1175 (CBMTRA).

“With less than four weeks remaining before the current tax rates expire, the entire industry is mobilizing to signal to Congress that they must act now,” said the CBMTRA Coalition. “Craft distillers, brewers, winemakers, cider makers and importers of all beverage alcohol have used the tax savings over the last two years to reinvest in their businesses, their employees and their communities. A drastic tax hike at the stroke of midnight on Dec. 31 will be a devastating start to the new year for these small businesses.”   

Click here to find contact information for your Senators.
Click here to find contact information for your Representative.
Here are some key talking points:

  • In 2017, Congress enacted, for the first time, tax parity for spirits and provided a reduced Federal Excise Tax (FET) for craft distillers. Tell your elected legislator that before passage of H.R. 1 in December of 2017, it was a one-size-fits-all flat tax rate on large and small distillers.  
  • The reduced FET will expire on December 31, 2019It is urgent Congress acts before that date. 
  • The tax relief is working just as Congress believed it would. Craft distillers are re-investing in American manufacturing. We have hired new employees, purchased American made equipment and have increased purchases from local agriculture. 
  • The growth of craft distilling is supporting main street, small business job growth, exports, tourism, rural and urban America economic development, and locally sourced products, the vast majority of which are made and sourced in the U.S.
  • Without the tax relief, we may need to lay off employees and our business growth will be put on hold. Many of our businesses will simply need to close.  
  • The legislation further helps craft brewers and vintners. This is the reason every major beer, wine and spirits group has endorsed these bills. 

We’ve previously asked for your support and you’ve answered.  It is CRITICAL that you again act. Thank you for being proactive in support of our efforts to make FET parity for you permanent.  

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