Tattersall Distilling Launches Organic Vodka

Minneapolis-based Tattersall Distilling announced the launch of its USDA Certified, non-GMO and gluten-free Organic Vodka. Tattersall sources and mills its organic grain from an independent family farm, just 87 miles away. The result is a smoother and more neutral-tasting vodka that’s environmentally-friendly, handmade and even higher in quality. 

“Many mainstream, organic vodka brands are not actually distilling their spirits themselves,” says Dan Oskey, founder and chief operator of Tattersall Distilling. “This is also common with rye spirits. It’s very misleading marketing to the consumer. We do things differently at Tattersall. We source the highest-quality ingredients to ferment and distill in our distillery in Northeast Minneapolis. And each bottle of our Organic Vodka is dated and labeled to track the entire lifecycle.”  

To become certified organic, Tattersall spent the past year working through the process. This included bringing on board corn farmer and owner of Four Sisters Farm in Rochester Minn., Jerome Walch, who’s also Bentley Gillman’s father-in-law (Tattersall’s head distiller). Next, they worked with the Minnesota Crop Improvement Association to ensure their grain miller, Dale Anderson of Anderson Farms in Cambridge Minn., also obtained organic certification. Every step of the process, from transportation to sterilization of equipment, was evaluated in order to be compliant. Once distilled, Tattersall sends the spent grain to another farm in Cambridge, Minn. to be used for livestock feed. With the leftover spent grain, Tattersall upcycles the grains further to be used for edible ingredients while also reclaiming the water used in the process. 

Tattersall’s Organic Vodka clocks in at 40% ABV or 80 proof and will be sold for $25 in a 750ml bottle; the same price point as before, keeping their vodka at an accessible price point. All vodka produced by Tattersall moving forward will now be organic, replacing its previous bottles. Hitting shelves today, it is available for purchase at select retailers found at https://tattersalldistilling.com/tattersall-finder/

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