10th Street Distillery Launches STR Single Malt Whiskeys

The first launch (2,000 bottles) of 10th Street Distillery‘s (San Jose, California) STR Single Malt (ABV 46 %, MSRP $65) is now available at retailers across the Golden State, including Total Wine and MorePalo Alto Fine Wine and SpiritsThe Whisky Shop  and San Francisco Wine Trading Company in San Francisco; Vintage Wine Merchants and Don’s Liquors in San Jose; andMission Wine and Spirits in Pasadena. Please visit retailer web sites for current COVID-19 hours and service options. In addition, several retailers, including Vintage Wine Merchants and The Whisky Shop will ship to certain approved states.

STR Single Malt unpeated whisky is an all-American creation, matured in ex-bourbon casks that have been shaved, toasted, and re-charred (STR) to impart some of the flavors of freshly-charred wood, without being overwhelmed by oak notes from direct immersion in virgin American Oak barrels.  Striking a balance between the oak influence from new casks prevalent in American whiskies and used barrels common in traditional Scotch techniques, STR Single Malt is one of the only American single malts to use STR barrels.10th Street uses domestic two-row malted barley, double distills in all-copper pot stills and, finally, bottles without chill-filtering, to preserve complexity.

“For our first unpeated product, we wanted to create a distinctive single malt whisky that strikes a balance between the influence of the freshly charred American oak, and classic malt notes,” says 10th Street Distillery CEO Virag Saksena. “Using specially prepared STR  barrels allowed us to bring in the caramel, almost candy-like notes from the wood and pair them with the malt coming from our copper pot double-distilling process.  The result is a delicate, yet flavorful whisky that is truly unique.”

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