Copperworks Limited Edition Tonic Cask Finished Gin Returns

Copperworks Distilling Co. of Seattle this week announced the return of Copperworks Tonic Cask Finished Gin.

Here’s more from the distillery on this limited-edition release:

One of our favorite limited-edition gins, Copperworks Tonic Cask Finished Gin, is back! (And we know from previous releases that this gin goes fast.)

Requires a Very Special Cask
We can produce only limited quantities of this gin, due to the very special cask it requires. Copperworks Tonic Cask Finished Gin is finished in a barrel that previously held Bradley’s Kina Tonic. Before that, the barrel held gin from another Seattle distillery and before that, the barrel was in Kentucky for seven years, full of bourbon. 

Finishing Copperworks Gin in a barrel with that kind of pedigree produces delicious and distinctive results: it’s like a Copperworks Gin and Tonic reduction in a single bottle. 

We think this gin is especially good to use in place of whiskey in a Manhattan or Old Fashioned. Get cocktail recipes that feature Copperworks Cask Finished Gins.

Copperworks Tonic Cask Finished Gin
> Available in our online store and at the distillery
> 250 bottles produced (750ml)
> $49.95 (not including taxes or shipping)
Buy now.

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