Catoctin Creek Releasing 7 Y.O., Bottled in Bond 1757 Virginia Brandy for Online-Orders Only

Catoctin Creek will release the newest expression of its 1757 Virginia Brandy—this time, a seven-year-old, bottled-in-bond offering—on Monday, August 3 at 8 a.m. ET for online ordering only. Consumers may place online orders for direct shipping within the state or for pick-up at the Purcellville, Virginia distillery.

The distillery intentionally is releasing the spirit on a Monday, a day it is typically closed, to prevent purchasers from lining up outside the distillery. Consumers will be able to pick bottles up at their leisure after placing the order online. Catoctin Creek will not be accepting pre-orders.

The bottling is extremely limited and purchasers will be a restricted to a two-bottle-per-person maximum. Only 272 bottles were produced from this single barrel. Restaurant partners should contact their sales representative now to ensure they get a bottle for their establishment.

Distilled in 100-gallon batches, the 1757 Virginia XO Brandy has been aging since 2013 in a single 53-gallon Bordeaux red-wine casks, making it Catoctin Creek’s 2nd oldest release to date. This particular brandy is the end result of a one-time-only experiment that the distillery conducted years ago. Instead of its normal 50/50 blend of Seyval blanc and Chambourcin grapes, sourced from Tarara Vineyards in Leesburg, Virginia, this one is equal parts Seyval blanc, Chambourcin, and Norton grapes from Chrysalis Winery in Middleburg, only 10 minutes from the distillery. The Norton grape is a native of Virginia, and adds a delicate floral note to the otherwise rich brandy character of Catoctin Creek’s normal brandy.

Named after the year Virginia’s Loudoun County was founded, the seven-year-old XO brandy is soothing and warm, featuring rich hints of grape, raisin, date, fig, bread pudding, cherry and stone fruit, overlaid with alpine meadows of columbine, edelweiss, and chamomile. 1757 Virginia Brandy Bottled in Bond (100 proof/50% ABV) is a very limited release that will be available for $89.99 / 750mL at the distillery and through a limited number of select fine retailers across the Catoctin Creek distribution footprint.

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