Bitters Maker Dashfire Introduces Line of Spirit-Based Hard Coffee Beverages

Minnetonka, Minnesota-based Dashfire, known for its line of bitters, has unveiled Café Dashfire—what it says is first line of hard coffee made in the Gopher State.

Café Dashfire hard coffees feature the use of unique botanicals that highlight the spirits and coffee.

“Café Dashfire is a new line that I’m extremely proud of,” says Lee Egbert, owner. “These hard coffees are not just easy to enjoy but they are as sophisticated as you’d expect from us. Just a pleasure to enjoy, these coffees really allowed us to expand our knowledge of botanicals and maceration resulting in an amazing new beverage.”

There are three varieties available:

• Rum Café Mocha – Dashfire layered in individually macerated botanicals such as cacao, chicory, vanilla and currants to create a café style mature Café Mocha. These flavors are enhanced by the addition of Sweet Florida Rum, Buttery Wisconsin Cream, and espresso which has been expertly roasted and rested to the company’s exact specifications.

• Rum Golden Latte — The Golden Latte includes botanicals like turmeric, nutmeg and ginger, combined with espresso roasted and rested to Dashfire’s specifications by Five Watt Coffee, as well as Wisconsin cream.

• Bourbon Cold Brew – Cold Brew in our opinion is best served black, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with it. This cold brew uses bourbon to complement the cold brew aromas and combines that with a literal sprinkle of sugar to bind the aromas, and coffee roasted to the ideal level . It’s then rested for 14 days to bring out all the richness the bean can offer. A couple of hidden botanicals are added to boost both the bourbon and coffee aromas.

“Part of the success behind the flavor for these drinks is due to our good friends over at Five Watt Coffee,” Egbert notes. “We have worked with them for many years on their line of bitters, which are a huge part of their unique beverage offerings. On Café Dashfire, Five Watt offered insight and knowledge in coffee that would have taken us years to acquire. We relied heavily on their expertise in roasting and resting coffee to create the perfect flavor profiles for these drinks.”

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