Watershed Distillery Releases Bourbon Finished in Nocino Barrels

In addition to its annual release of Barrel Aged Nocino this season, Watershed Distillery of Columbus, Ohio, is debuting Nocino Finished Bourbon on Dec. 4. The distillery says it is the world’s first-ever bourbon finished in Nocino barrels. Watershed is releasing this in celebration of 10 years of independent distilling.

Highly limited and offered exclusively at the Watershed Distillery Bottle Shop in Columbus, this age-stated bourbon was rested just shy of five years and bottled at barrel strength. The spirit notably features rich flavors of vanilla, toasted oak, and warm spice, imparted from the time spent in barrels that previously held Nocino.

“This bourbon release is special,” stated Greg Lehman, CEO of Watershed Distillery. “Not only is one of the most mature bourbons we’ve ever bottled, but the barrel we’ve aged it in adds such a distinct flavor. It is the perfect way to celebrate 10 years of making spirits in Ohio.

Nocino Finished Bourbon is bottled at 110.2 proof, available in 750 ml bottles, and retails for $79.99 The limited release bourbon is available via a lottery system. For more information on the lottery or to enter, please visit https://www.watersheddistillery.com/lottery between November 16 and November 30, and complete an entry. Bottles must be purchased and picked up in person on Friday, December 4, or Saturday, December 5, between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm in Columbus, Ohio, or the bottle will be forfeited. Due to Ohio liquor laws, shipping bottles is not legal.

In addition to Watershed Nocino Finished Bourbon, the distillery will also be releasing the 2020 batch of Barrel Aged Nocino on Dec. 4. Watershed was one of the first distilleries to begin producing Nocino stateside in 2014 and remains one of the few U.S. producers of this traditionally Italian liqueur today. Barrel Aged Nocino is available at liquor stores in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Georgia, New York, Connecticut and Florida or online at Wood’s Wholesale Wine. Barrel Aged Nocino is available in 375 ml bottles, and retails for approximately $29.99.

For more information on Watershed Distillery or their spirits, please visit www.watersheddistillery.com.

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