Watershed Deals Royal Flush for Exclusive Bourbon Release

Columbus, Ohio-based Watershed Distillery, in partnership with Ohio Liquor (OHLQ), has announced its annual exclusive single-barrel release collaboration and invites Ohio bourbon lovers to collect a winning hand. Together, the teams at Watershed Distillery and OHLQ have handpicked six exceptional single-barrel selections. These expressions will start hitting shelves at select OHLQ locations across the state beginning on June 25. This Ohio-only limited release is available while supplies last.  

Appropriately named after the best hand in poker, this bourbon release is a royal flush. Unblended with distinct flavors, these six barrels (a royal flush plus Joker’s Wild) were selected for the unique flavors and the aromas that showcase the maturity of the bourbons and set these barrels apart. 

  • 10 of Hearts—With a nose of smoked cherries and molasses, the palate of this five-year-aged bourbon is a mingle of white peppercorn and pomegranate with a finish of dried chili and fresh herbs. 
  • Jack of Hearts—Sweet like toffee candy and honey on the nose, with notes of powdered sugar, frosting, and marshmallow on the first sip, this five-year-old expression is balanced by a light black tea finish.
  • Queen of Hearts—On the nose, this five-year bourbon smells like a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Savor mocha, clove, and Crème Brulée notes, and enjoy the creamy mouthfeel that finishes with hints of allspice. 
  • King of Hearts – With warm baking spice on the nose and a palate of stone fruit and peaches, the King is a five-year bourbon that finishes with black tea and a lingering mouthfeel.  
  • Ace of Hearts—This bold six-year bourbon has a nose of brown sugar and toffee, a sweet oakey palette highlighted by dark fruit, and a caramelized vanilla finish.  
  • Joker’s Wild—Wildflower and Honeysuckle florals dominate the nose of the Joker’s Wild, while flavors of jasmine tea, tobacco, and caramel marry on the palate of this five-year bourbon. This expression finishes with caramelized grapefruit and notes of cinnamon and rye spice.

In 2021, Watershed became the first Ohio bourbon producer OHLQ chose to participate in a private single-barrel release. This single-barrel release marks the fourth year of the partnership between Watershed and OHLQ, which presents the most coveted and favored barrels in Watershed’s rickhouse to Ohioans annually.

“The OHLQ partnership is one we look forward to every year,” shares Greg Lehman, founder of Watershed Distillery and global brand ambassador. “It’s always fun to go deep into the rickhouse to find the oldest barrels and see what time and the barrel has given us. Keeping our poker face when we tasted these six was hard.”

All six barrels are aged in Ohio-coopered American White Oak barrels and will retail for $59.99 per bottle (plus tax). Players are encouraged to utilize OHLQ.com to locate these bottles and collect a winning hand. For more information on  Watershed Distillery, please visit www.watersheddistillery.com, and for information on OHLQ or to utilize its product locator, visit www.OHLQ.com.

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