3BR Distillery Launches Pork Roll Liqueur

Keyport, New Jersey-based 3BR Distillery announces the launch of its limited-release liqueur: 011 PEC ON EVERYTHING. This unique liqueur captures the essence of New Jersey’s beloved pork roll sandwich, bringing a unique and iconic flavor to the world of liqueurs.

The idea behind the 011 PEC ON EVERYTHING was conceived by Aleksandr Zhdanov, co- founder and head distiller of 3BR, and was inspired by the success of Delaware’s scrapple vodka infusions. The goal was to capture the distinctive taste of a pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich, a staple breakfast item in New Jersey. If you’re unfamiliar, pork roll (or Taylor Ham, as it’s called in North Jersey) is a processed meat widely enjoyed as a breakfast sandwich ingredient, often served with egg and cheese on a bagel or roll.

3BR’s 011 PEC ON EVERYTHING was crafted to evoke the full experience of the classic sandwich.  It combines distilled everything bagel seasoning, a touch of malt rye extract, and distilled pork roll. To complete the flavor profile, lactose sugar is added to achieve the creamy texture reminiscent of melted American cheese. The result is a liqueur that delivers a rich, savory taste, perfect for New Jerseyans and curious foodies alike.

011 PEC ON EVERYTHING will be available exclusively at 3BR Distillery and is currently available for pre-order. For a true New Jersey culinary experience, you can visit the distillery to purchase and taste this limited-release liqueur starting June 28th. Patrons will be able to choose between Pork Roll or Taylor Ham on the bottle—a hotly debated topic in New Jersey.

3BR Distillery has built a reputation for pushing the boundaries of traditional distilling with its adventurous and inventive spirits. From its inception, 3BR has been dedicated to crafting high-quality products that are innovative and unconventional. Patrons often refer to 3BR as “Willy Wonka’s Factory.”

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