BCB Launches Product Line to Support the Bar Sector

Bar Convent Berlin (BCB) is supporting bars and bartenders during lockdown with a new merchandising campaign. The revenue of the BCB product line comprising shirts, hoodies and accessories will be donated to “SupportYourLocalBar.” The nonprofit scheme raises funds for the owner-managed bar and restaurant scene in Germany.  

“The project comes from the heart of the German bar community,” said BCB boss Petra Lassahn in a press release. The basic idea is simple: combine a bar team with a local artist to create hip and wearable merchandise for BCB. “The direct reference is very important to us. The result are authentic and outstanding designs. I would like to thank all the artists and bars for the great collaboration. I am delighted that we can now jointly launch the product line and will use it directly for the sector,” Petra adds. The bars and artists contributed their own ideas to the collection. 

Green Door & Tobias Vetter

One of the partners is Green Door, a classic in Berlin’s bar history and today’s barscape in the German capital. Behind the green door is an American Bar with a long wooden counter – and it’s from here bar chief Maria Gorbatschova controls the bar’s “destiny”. Teaming up with the Berlin tattoo artist Tobias Vetter she forms part of the BCB merchandising project. Tobias is known for his minimalist imagery characterised by architecture, contemporary art and photography.  

Damien Guichard & Guen Douglas

Some of the world’s most talented tattoo artists live in Berlin – among them the outstanding Guen Douglas, a cosmopolitan previously practising her art in Canada and Rotterdam, to name but two locations. For several years she has operated the Taiko Gallery Tattoo in Berlin. Together with Damien Guichard, the BCB Brand Ambassador, she has created a motif themed around diversity. “We have to ask ourselves whether we can be part of the solution rather than the problem – this is an integral part of striving for equal opportunities and, frankly, acceptance,” says Damien.

Truffle Pig & Guen Douglas

Truffle Pig, the hip Speakeasy Bar in Neukölln and home to Damien Guichard is also participating in the project. The design by Guen Douglas was inspired by a playful interpretation of fundamental cocktail and mixology imagery and addresses gender stereotypes.  

Yaldy & Guen Douglas

Also joining the fray is the Frankfurt-based Yaldy, a “Parisian style” bar and restaurant operated by Andrei Lipan and The Kinly’s former bar chief, Michele Heinrich. In cooperation with Guen Douglas the latter has come up with a design that celebrates old-school cocktail symbols. 

Guts & Glory & Tobias Vetter

Guts & Glory is a classic, relaxed and yet stylish bar at Hirschhof, which – by its own accounts – is one of the most underrated backyards in all of Karlsruhe. The aim of the design was to emphasise the manual skills of bartenders. The aim was to keep Tobias Vetter’s take on this theme unchanged.

Social and ecological responsibility

Together with the sector BCB moves social and ecological themes such as diversity and sustainability to the foreground – which is also echoed by this project. The design developed by Damien Guichard and Guen Douglas, for example, is specifically dedicated to the fight against racism and sexism. The revenue generated by this series will therefore exclusively benefit this purpose. “Since we believe it’s important to say where we stand, we have also come up with an additional design whose revenues will go to an organisation aimed at fighting oppression,” says Damien Guichard commenting on the special design.

BCB wear focuses on sustainability and fairness. The t-shirts and hoodies are made of organic cotton. To ensure there is no surplus production that might need to be destroyed manufacturing is initially upon demand. With this approach BCB wants to counter resource waste and the throwaway society. The manufacturing partner Stanley & Stella is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. It ensures fair wages and appropriate working conditions, which are monitored at the production sites at regular intervals. The apparel is finished by Textildruck Europa, a finisher that is certified according to the Global Organic Standard and also synonymous with ecologically sound and sustainable production.

To learn more and see the products, visit barconventberlin-shop.com.

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