Hinterhaus Distilling Announces Release of Two Liqueurs

Hinterhaus Distilling—the craft distillery in Arnold, California, founded in 2020 by husband-and-wife owners and operators Nate and Bonnie Randall—released its first two liqueurs to club members and the general public that were inspired by travels to Europe. Both are sold in 375-ml bottles exclusively at the distillery’s on-site bottle shop.

‘Anorak’ was inspired by the German kräuterlikörs which Nate and Bonnie enjoy when visiting family in Berlin. Determined to craft this botanical spirit and introduce it to the American palate in a way that would do justice to the time-honored traditions of botanical liqueurs, the distillery spent more than a year researching and developing what would come to be called Anorak. Distilled from California wine vodka and lightly enhanced with agave syrup, it contains 23 herbs and botanicals that range from chamomile and cardamom to star anise and cinnamon. Batch 1 was aged for 2 months in whiskey barrels and touts a rich honey hue. Randall aims to use the solera aging technique for future batches. Liqueurs like Anorak are traditionally served as digestifs, but are equally tantalizing when used in lieu of bitters in cocktails. Batch 1 presented at 84 proof.

Mont Esprit is a slightly sweetened liqueur that makes for perfect après-ski imbibing. Clean and clear, this liqueur displays its bright wintergreen and peppermint notes up front, followed by light layers of cinnamon and juniper that extend flavor layers. Like Anorak, Mont Esprit is distilled from California wine vodka. Hinterhaus enjoys close proximity to several Sierra ski resorts, and this liqueur is crafted with the brisk mountain weather in mind and the many outdoor activities that locals & visitors alike participate in. At 75 proof, it makes for an excellent chilled sipper and sports a waterproof label. Adding Mont Esprit to cocoa, coffee, or a variety of cocktails makes for a particularly special winter treat. Seasonally released each winter in small batches.

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