Hinterhaus Earns Best Varietal Vodka in U.S. at World Vodka Awards

Arnold, California-based Hinterhaus Distilling has taken the top spot in the United States among varietal vodkas at the 2024 World Vodka Awards, along with a gold medal. The spirit will now compete against other country winners for the title of World’s Best (to be announced on Feb. 20). 

The competition, which judges the very best products in the world of vodka, received entries from more than 20 countries this year in four categories: pure neutral, varietal, botanical and flavored. Hinterhaus Distilling’s North Grove Vodka competes in the varietal category and is distilled from 100% California grapes. The California distillery also picked up a silver medal for its grape-distilled South Grove Gin at the World Gin Awards this year.

Hinterhaus North Grove Vodka is distilled in small batches from 100% California grapes and fresh Sierra water that collects just a few miles away from the distillery’s operations. 

“We partner with nearby vintners to source wine that they don’t intend to bottle. We’re turning un-used wine into award-winning vodka, which is a win/win for everyone,” explains Hinterhaus co-founder and head distiller Nate Randall. The methodical process involved in crafting North Grove Vodka at Hinterhaus retains an opulent palate and subtle character of the grape distillate. 

“Today’s approach to vodka production has taken a new turn,” says Veronika Karlova, chair of judges for the World Vodka Awards. “Forget the traditional perception of vodka as tasteless and boring – it’s anything but plain and flavourless. Producers really pay attention to ingredients and focus on how to retain the character of raw material in vodka. World Vodka Awards country winners this year impressed judges with their quality and taste.”

North Grove Vodka is now available for shipping to 41 states across the country on the distillery’s website shop: hinterhausdistilling.com. It is also available for purchase at the distillery, as well as at a growing number of California and Colorado retailers including many Total Wine locations. 

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