Beverage Testing Institute Awards 93 Points to Ghost Coast’s Burl Gin

Savannah’s Ghost Coast Distillery was awarded a Gold medal, 93 points for its Ghost Coast Burl Gin by the Beverage Testing Institute. The judging panel describes Burl as “complex, fruity, and spicy.”

The spirit is no stranger to Georgians, Burl Gin is one of the most popular spirits Ghost Coast has created. “It’s amazing how many non-gin drinkers end up loving gin after trying Burl,” says Cory Reuter, Ghost Coast bar manager, “it’s one of our team’s favorite spirits because of its versatility. We can use it for infusions, timeless classics, fruit-forward creations, or a simple gin & tonic and the Burl shines through without overpowering,” she adds.

Burl Icle Ivanhoe Ives was as American as one could be (and our favorite snowman). In his honor, Ghost Coast names this American-style gin. Lighter than traditional London Dry gins, the juniper takes a backseat to other flavors. The Burl Gin’s notes of citrus and lavender mingle nicely with the light juniper. The craft gin is light, floral, and refreshing, yet it is bold enough to shine through in any flavorful cocktail or creation.

Beverage Testing Institute’s Full Review:

“Clear color. Herbal aromas and flavors of bright pine blossoms, Moroccan orange mint spice cake, Turkish delight, and ginger and rosehips with a supple, bright, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a smooth, complex, breezy finish with accents of almond powder, powdered sugar, rose water, and earl grey tea. A beautifully integrated nouveau style Gin with a sleek, evocative floral character and restrained juniper presence.”

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