Eastside Distilling Releases Limited-Edition Collection

Eastside Distilling’s new limited-edition craft spirits line launched under the Eastside brand name is now available in the company’s home state of Oregon. This rare, artisanal collection features three special hand-crafted barrel aged whiskeys (Lions Small Batch Rye, 14- Year Aged Bourbon, and Sherry Cask Single Malt) along with three other limited-edition, small-batch spirits (Barrel Aged Navy Strength Rum, Barrel Aged Gin, and 2-Year-Old Brandy).

Embodying the free-spirited, independent, and creative personality of Portland, loyal customers in Oregon will be given the first opportunity to purchase these rare, high-quality, and craft-inspired spirits. The Eastside products will then be released on a limited basis to select markets in California, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Florida, and New York.

Eastside Small Batch Rye
A two to eight-year small batch blend of rye whiskeys from the finest distilleries in the country are rested in select Oregon American oak casks. Presented at 92 proof (46% ABV), the flavor profile evokes new leather, rye malt, brown sugar, caramel, cinnamon, light applewood smoke, with well-structured tannins. SRP: $44.95

Eastside Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Artfully aged for a minimum of 12 years at 110 proof (55% ABV), carefully curated casks from the finest Bourbon distilleries create a unique experience for the contemplative whiskey adventurer. The flavor profile evokes worn leather, caramel, toasted biscuit, rich oak, and structured tannins. SRP: $129.95

Eastside Single Malt American Whiskey
This rare American single malt whiskey is aged for at least two years in American White oak and rested in one of two seventy-year-old sherry casks. At 115 to 120 proof, (55% ABV), it has hints of chocolate, dried fruit, sherry, biscuit, coconut, and cinnamon. SRP: $199.95

Eastside Barrel-Aged Rum
Enjoyed neat or added to cocktails for a decadent depth of flavor, this rare rum is reminiscent of warm summer breezes, white sand beaches, Mai-Tais, and daiquiris. Aged 11 years, this rum is 90 proof (45% ABV). Low on congeners, it has a slight molasses nose with hints of pine resin, grass, and brown sugar. SRP: $39.95

Eastside Barrel-Aged Gin
A blend of one to five years, barrel-aged at 114 proof (57% ABV), and bottled at navy strength, this singular gin forms the perfect foundation for a Martini or Negroni and provides a unique opportunity for mixologists to experiment with a rare spirit category. Having a pale straw color and anise nose, flavors of subtle juniper, resinous pine, caraway, and mild citrus are present. SRP: $39.99

Eastside Brandy
Pot distilled at 80 proof (40% ABV) from Pacific Northwest wine and aged for at least two years, this limited-edition brandy can be sipped or mixed in a Sidecar. Mild congeners lead to dark fruit, oak, cinnamon, potpourri, cornflake cereal, honeycomb, and light vanilla. SRP: $36.95

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